ECySA invites individual professionals, higher learning institutions, businesses, Civil Society Organizations and students to become members. There are five types of memberships, from which you can choose one. Applicants must fill out the online Membership Application Form, indicating their contact information, a brief profile and the type of membership they seek. The Association will notify its decision regarding the application within a short period of time. 

Membership Types 

  1. Regular membership: Regular membership is open for those who fulfill the criteria and are accepted as full members by recommendation of the Executive Committee and approval of the General Assembly (incl. special cases). Regular membership constitutes founding members and those who are accepted as regular members later. 
  1. Student membership: This is open for students of higher learning institutions (mainly, students of Technology/Science/Engineering/Law and related fields) and schools. Applicants should submit the actual Student ID of their University/ College/Schools. Student members have non-voting status, but may organize Cybersecurity Clubs at their campus, as well as establishing a network of clubs at regional or national level. 
  1. Associate membership: This is open for any individual professionals and practitioners who are engaged in IT, cybersecurity and/or related fields. Applicants should submit an application expressing their interest and a copy of any credentials. Associate membership has non-voting status. However, with lapse of time and their contributions to ECySA, they can be promoted to regular membership.
  1. Institutional/Business membership is open to any government or private organization engaged in IT, cybersecurity and related fields, as well as those who support the objectives of the Association. An institutional member has the right, through its representative, to participate in the activities of ECySA but shall not vote nor can they be elected to any office of the Association.
  1. Honorary membership. This type of membership is for individuals who have made distinguished contributions in promoting IT, cybersecurity, and related fields while also supporting the objectives of the Association. Membership is mainly by invitation. Honorary members are generally non-voting members, who are invited in an advisory capacity to support activities of ECySA

Membership Requirements

  1. All members shall fill-out the online membership application form, which contains a brief personal profile, experiences, and sign an agreement to respect rules and regulations of ECySA
  2. Members shall also submit one photograph for file documentation and one photograph for membership ID-Card, if they need it. 
  3. Membership will be officially acknowledged, after the designated ECySA committee has reviewed and gained necessary approval for the application. 
  4. All regular (full) members shall have a minimum of first degree in Information Technology / Engineering and/or related fields, preferably with a rich experience in IT, cybersecurity and related fields. They shall also submit copies of their credentials i.e., certificates, testimonies and brief summary of work experiences. 

Members Rights & Responsibilities

  1. Regular members have the duty of attending General Assembly meetings, in addition to promoting the objectives of the Association.
  2. All members, except honorary members, shall pay registration and annual membership fees regularly.
  3. Regular or Full members have the right to vote and be elected to any office of ECySA, while other types of members have non-voting status, nor do they have the right to be elected to the executive committee or management team of the general assembly. However, non-voting members can serve in various task-forces, technical committees, and related voluntary services.
  4. All members agree to support the objectives of ECySA and to maintain strict confidentiality regarding any privileged information obtained as a member of the Association. 
  5. All members are required to serve the Association in diverse ways, on a voluntary basis and as per agreed assignments.

Membership Fees

Registration fee
Local (ETB)
Registration fee
International (USD)
Annual fee
Local (ETB)
Annual fee
International (USD)
*Students may join free of any payment, if there is evidence to support that she/he cannot afford to pay the fees.

I hereby agree to respect the rules and regulations of the Ethiopian Cybersecurity Association. By applying for ECySA membership, I agree to maintain with strict confidentiality Privileged Information, as defined below, to which access is given while carrying out activities of the association.

Privileged Information includes, but is not limited to, anything concerning the organization, business rules, operations, infrastructure, systems, finances, customer/employee data, and anything related to activities of Cybersecurity and/or Information security.

I shall not use Confidential Information for any purpose, nor will I disclose Confidential Information to a third party, unless obliged to do so in connection with specific duties and tasks, to support objectives of the association or if required by regulation or law.