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Work towards a safer digital future for Ethiopia.

Connect with cybersecurity enthusiasts and experts, share knowledge, and collaborate for a secure digital landscape.


Fostering a Cybersecurity-Focused Culture in Ethiopia.

Collaborative Community

Collaborative Community

By joining ECySA, you gain access to a network of cybersecurity advocates, enthusiasts, and experts who are dedicated to working together and supporting one another.

Cutting-Edge Resources

Cutting-Edge Resources

By joining ECySA, you will have access to a wealth of information, research papers, and industry insights, keeping you at the forefront of the ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape.

Influence and Impact

Influence and Impact

By lending your voice and expertise, you can shape the future of cybersecurity in the country, driving positive change and making a meaningful difference.

Building a Safer Cyberspace for Ethiopia.

ECySA is a non-profit association in Ethiopia dedicated to fostering a network of cybersecurity experts, promoting cyber resilience, and raising awareness about cybersecurity. We provide valuable information, resources, and frameworks to enhance cyber safety and mitigate threats. Join our community to create a safer digital environment for all Ethiopians.

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Empowering Individuals and Organizations.

Foster collaboration with like-minded professionals and organizations to create a safer digital environment.

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